Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Proclaimers and washable nappies

The Proclaimers are brilliant! Last night I went to the Hexagon, embraced my middle-ageness, jumped up and down whilst praying my pelvic floor would hold out and waved my arms about to the wonderful, wonderful Proclaimers. Fantastic - and back home in bed by 11.30!

The pressing problem of the week is how to dry nappies and all the rest of the laundry without the aid of a tumble dryer. It is threatening to take over my life. I have a large clothes horse and an airing cupboard, but I still have a slight shortage of space. One potential answer is to bag stuff up and whip it down the launderette to go in the industrial strength t.d. but that would involve moving the washing around the town, not something I'm keen on doing. I think things will ease up when the heating is on, although I am not permitted to dry clothes over the radiators because the clothing will eat up the heat and the rooms will all stay cold and we will have to turn the heating up more and then the clothes will burn (or something awful, I can't remember the exact reasons that were stated, but they seemed to make sense when we had the conversation and I agreed). Steve really is very clever, he could probably provide pretty physics-style diagrams to prove conclusively that one should never place a damp object over a metal tank filled with hot water. I am in a dilemma as to whether I should buy more nappies or whether this will merely exacerbate the problem, because if there are more nappies I would be tempted to wash less frequently and then the load of nappies will be larger and thus take up more space in my already crowded (and somewhat damp) bedroom. Of course the best solution would be to move to a place where the sun shines everyday and I could always put the washing outside, but then there would be myriad other issues, I'm sure...

Friday, 12 October 2007

The Boxing Day of my Birthday

I have put both my girls back to bed this morning so I can eat my breakfast in peace and listen to the Today Programme. Etholle is awake, I can hear her singing. I got one card through the post on my birthday and one the day before. This is not because I am hopelessly unpopular, but because there has been a postal strike. A few people have admitted that they have not sent me a card because of the strike (Father in Law and Brother) but I bet everyone is using it as an excuse not to bother. I am also using the postal strike as an excuse not to send thank you cards for all the lovely gifts people bought us when Hephzibah arrived (3 months ago!) My best (only) present was a beige 1970's telephone that rings so loud it makes you jump. Better go and have a shower - today is 'Coffee and Kids' - yippee! I just love the mayhem that is a toddler group - not!! I actually find them vaguely terrifying, but Etholle thinks it's fun. Pre-children I set up a group called 'Coffee No Kids'. It sounded slightly more exciting than 'a prayer group for people who are about during the day because they don't have proper jobs' (I let people join who did in fact have proper jobs but worked shifts, but not if they had little ones in tow......I am so mean). Alan Johnson on Desert Island Discs? That's my cue to go, I think.