Friday, 28 December 2007

Feliz Navidad

We flew to Spain on Christmas Eve morning and are spending a week slumming it in my parents´b&b in the mountains. All rooms en suite, all meals provided and more babysitting than anyone can reasonably expect. Their place is on the church square and the current village problem is the church clock. It was put right again this morning and is now more than ten minutes fast - it may as well bong randomly for all the use it is. The first night we were here the call to mass began an hour before midnight, so the bells were tested to the max. Unfortunately, we had just drifted off to sleep. Etholle couldn´t sleep through them (reasonably enough) and having said I was too tired to attend mass I felt that my penance was delivered immediately.

Today we have been to the snow, soooo pretty and sunny. A shame we had to come down the windy (long i) road home. Three of the passengers were ready to vomit by the time we got back, and I´ve had quite enough of that recently...

I´ll add photos when we get home.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What haven't I cleaned vomit off this week?

The doctor asked me, 'What makes you say it's bile?' I replied innocently, 'It's green'. Perhaps I should have added that it looked just like it would emulsify fats nicely and aid the absorption of lipids in the duodenum - but probably at 6.30 on a Friday evening the last thing he needed was a facetious answer from someone who has not had opportunity to flex their biochemical muscles for a while...

There is not much to say this week because all I have done is wipe up sick and do laundry. I believe I have written extensively enough about the latter, and the former - well, let's not go there.

There are no pictures in this posting for obvious reasons.